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Eleanor is a British composer from Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. She is currently studying for her PhD in Composition with Prof Phillip Cooke and Dr John De Simone at the University of Aberdeen. Her research focuses on the creative process of composition and explores the connection between words and harmony. It involves analysing multiple settings of texts from Gregorian chant to today. 


Her music is influenced by Renaissance textures and 20th Century harmonies. Much of her musical output is sacred and draws on her time as a singer at St Edmundsbury Cathedral. She is now a Teaching Fellow in Music at the University of Aberdeen and a private music tutor. In 2016, Eleanor co-founded the Suffolk Music Teachers team. The teachers work with children and adults in schools and privately and organise concerts in aid of local charities each year.

Eleanor is always looking for opportunities to develop her technical skills and collaborate with creative professionals. If you’d like to learn more about her inspirations, interests, or past work, get in touch today.

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