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Song of the Jasmine Fairy (2023) - Chamber Ensemble

Song of the Jasmine Fairy (2023) - Chamber Ensemble

Song of the Jasmine Fairy (2023) by Eleanor Haward


For chamber ensemble

Duration c. 5 minutes


Instrumentation: Flute | Oboe | Bassoon | Trumpet | Violin | Violoncello


This work is inspired by the artwork and poem 'Song of the Jasmine Fairy' by Cicely Mary Barker:

The poem tells the story of a hazy summer’s day which then cools to reveal the fragrance of jasmine flowers. The artwork holds great significance in Eleanor's life as they hold a connection to her late mother. In her childhood home she remembers the 'fairy plates' on the walls around the house - each with artwork by Cicely Mary Barker of a different flower fairy. She later discovered the poems that accompany the artwork and set 'Song of the Jasmine Fairy' for the ensemble Any Enemy based in Aberdeen.


Available for Instant Digital Download - you will receive the full score PDF immediately after purchase. Please contact the composer for part PDFs - these will be emailed separately.


Eleanor would love to know if you are programming this piece with your group. Please send her a message via the contact form to get in touch!


Main photograph: Evening Light, Nowton Park, Bury St Edmunds. Taken by Eleanor Haward, April 2023.


  • Digital download of score | Licence

    Once purchased, the score and parts may be printed and then copied (if necessary) for the number of members in your ensemble. You may keep this in your library and perform it as many times as you like! Please contact the composer if you require the licence to perform this piece with another group.

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